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The Relationship between Martin Bauer (Germany) and Krasnogorsk-leksredstva(Russia)

The opening of the borders to Eastern Europe in 1989 represented, in every respect, a strategic opportunity to probe the new markets in order to be able to develop them in the years to come. It took many trips before contacts could be established with the relevant companies. The company that dominated the market in the area of medicinal teas was and is Krasnogorskleksredstva (KLS), located on the outskirts of Moscow. A first personal meeting took place between then CEO (General Manager) Viktor Novikov and Adolf Wedel in the summer of 1990. A multi-faceted cooperation ensued and in 1995 the privatization of the company was completed, but only after a nerve-racking legalistic struggle. At that time KLS was thoroughly renovated and investments were made. It was Mr. Günther Thyroff of Martin Bauer who very energetically pushed these activities through. In those years he spent considerable time in Krasnogorsk.

1) 1990: production and storage building
2) 1990: office building
3) 2003: finished goods store
4) 2011: new production and packaging center
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In the mean time Mr. Albert Ferstl is fully responsible for KSL. He coordinates the entire East Europe activities and turns KSL into a more and more market-oriented company. Yearly growth rates speak for this development. The privatization of KSL and the investments that followed for this company and the Russian market as a whole turned out to be the right decision for KSL as well as for Martin Bauer. After all KSL is enormously well-known in the Russian marketplace and can boast 5o years of experience in the production and marketing of medicinal teas. KLS was turned into the leading company of the MB Group in Russia. Herbs in its various forms of administration are prepared in Krasnogorsk with the same technical equipment as can be found in the Vestenbergsgreuth plant. In addition, the range of products has been widened beyond medicinal teas, by now including herbal teas and fruit teas. Extracts are still produced in Poland and Germany. New packaging machines were installed. Thus KLS proves to be an efficient player in the mass production of teas and tea bags.

Krasnogorskleksredstva's cooperation with Martin Bauer has turned it into a successful company, with high productivity and superior quality.

Martin Bauer's commitment to cultural and and social issues show that the company is not exclusively interested in economic aspects. This is the reason why - in 1996 - the budding partnership between Gymnasium Höchstadt a. d. Aisch and Opalicha near Krasnogorsk was supported and continues to be developed further. The school partnership has now, years later, become the foundation for a city twinning between the cities of Höchstadt a. d. Aisch and Krasnogorsk, which was officially sealed as part of of Höchstadt's 1000-year-festivities.

Adolf Wedel
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