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School Relationship

The Opalicha / Krasnogorsk Gymnasium's wish for contacts reached the principal of Gymnasium Höchstadt via Martin Bauer Company (Krasnogork, Moscow Region, and Vestenbergsgreuth). A meeting was convened, with General Manager Adolf Wedel and Günther Thyroff, in charge of business activities in Russia, representing the Martin Bauer Company, when the feasability of a relationship between the two schools was studied.
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In March 1996 teachers Hans Hagen and Klaus Strienz made an exploratory trip to Krasnogorsk in order to gain a first-hand impression of the Russian school and the general setup. Their report painted a very positive picture. It was soon realized that the relationship would have to concentrate - next to the level of personal interaction- on the experiencing of a society going through a time of economic and political upheaval and on the political aspects of this transition period.

In the same year of 1996 a group of German students led by Edith Degenhardt and Hans Hagen traveled to Russia.


Citizens from Hoechstadt and studens of Hoechstadt Gymnasium in front of a monument for the cosmonaut Gagarin (April 1961 first space flight aroung the earth) (6-2004)


Twinning of Gymnasium Opalicha and Gymnasium Hoechstadt: students and teachers on the territory of Martin Bauer-Tea Factory in Krasnogorsk

The German students travel to Russia during the first week of the Pentecost Holidays, the Russian students' return trip takes place in autumn (with exceptions). Thanks to financial support by the Martin Bauer Company every seriously interested student may travel. The Company's experience in securing a visa has proved to be invaluable.

Looking back one can say that the essential objectives of the exchange, as listed above, have been met. Even though it is true that each group necessarily makes its own experiences and gains its own insights, it affords great pleasure and satisfaction to the two original explorers of the year 1996 to hear practically every one of the former travellers to Russia say, after graduation, that they considered the week in Krasnogorsk as the best field trip of their school years.

Hans Hagen and Klaus Strienz
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